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A few bird photos on a short trip to Alderbrook, Hood Canal on the Olympic Peninsula; American bald eagle, Steller's jay and an osprey (from a little too far).

Link:   Birds on Hood Canal, Olympic Peninsula

Lake George, Mt Rainier NP. Westside road gate was closed (ugh!) so I walked/biked uphill to the trailhead. RT was 20 miles, but I rode my bike downhill from the trailhead. I spooked a barred owl near Tahoma Lookout and it landed in a nearby tree and posed for a few photos. 

Link: Lake George, MRNP

Working on photos from Paddy-Go-Easy Pass (Salmon Le Sac area) and Fremont Lookout Mt. Rainier

Ship Harbor Mist

Ship Harbor Mist


Monument Valley Sunset

Monument Valley Sunset

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